Saltire Milestones

There are four sections to the Awards designed to help you celebrate your volunteering journey.

Within these there are 8 volunteering milestones that you can get certificates for:


 challenge award logo blue THE CHALLENGE: This is a great way to start. Volunteer in a one-off team event to get a taste of volunteering, see if it’s for you and make a real difference to your community. Start a team with friends or classmates or join one that’s already organised in your local area. Build your team-work skills, have a really fun time and you’ll get a certificate after taking part.


 approach logo green THE APPROACH: Ready to give volunteering a go? The Approach gives you the recognition for the regular volunteering you undertake whether it be in the community, with a charity, at school or part of a youth group. You choose the project and fit it around your needs. You’ll discover more about your skills and strengths and receive certificates after 10 and 25 hours of volunteering.                       


 ascent logo orange THE ASCENT: Taking volunteering to the next level. Develop your skills and strengths through placements and make a longer commitment to volunteering. You can record your achievements, training, new skills and certificates in your personal online journal, keeping them handy for any university, college or work applications. You can get certificates of 50, 100, 200 and 500 hours.


 summit logo purple THE SUMMIT: Volunteering above and beyond expectations! This Award is for an outstanding contribution to volunteering. It is awarded to those who have completed at least 200hrs and have exceeded expectations. A volunteer is nominated for this level of Award (e.g. by the organisation they volunteer for, their school, college or local volunteer development worker).


Become a Saltire Awards Ambassador

If you achieve The Ascent you could become a Saltire Ambassador.

Ambassadors have the opportunity to further develop their skills through being involved in all aspects of the Saltire Awards; from promotional and publicity activities through to helping to make decisions about Summit Award nominations and taking part in local advisory groups

Contact your local Third Sector Interface about becoming a Saltire Awards Ambassasor

Whatever your reasons for volunteering there is a Saltire Award for you!


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