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The Saltire Awards and learning

The Saltire Awards are designed to:

  • Encourage and enable youth volunteering
  • Support learning and recognise achievements attained through volunteering
  • Record and monitor individual skills and personal development

Saltire Awards is a great way for young people to recognise and build volunteering into other learning activity. The Awards correspond with the four capacities of the Curriculum for Excellence; helping young people to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors. 

Volunteering can help people learn, develop and grow through their lives and Saltire Awards further supports this:

  • The ‘Saltire Journal’ can be used by young people to record training, new skills and personal achievements gained through their volunteering. The Journal is a feature of ‘My Saltire‘, an online account which young people can sign up to manage their Saltire Awards and track their volunteering.
  • 'Pathway’ (part of the Saltire Journal) encourages participants to focus on their motivations for volunteering: Why they want to volunteer? What they bring to the placement? What they hope to gain from it? Who will benefit & how?

Support for schools

The Saltire Awards are delivered in each local authority area by Third Sector Interfaces (TSI). Your local TSI will be able to provide support, advice and assistance on involving young volunteers from your school.

Links to other Youth Awards

There are a range of other youth awards in Scotland, such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards and the Youth Achievement Awards. Many of these also recognise, support and enable (wholly or partly) young people contributing to others, to their community and to society through volunteering. Volunteering undertaken by young people within other award schemes can also be counted towards the Saltire Awards.

Find out more about how the Saltire Awards fits with the other Awards for young people in Scotland through the Awards Network.
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The local Third Sector Interface in your area manages your personal data in relation to the Saltire Awards. 

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